Taking a break…and not feeling guilty about it.


This past weekend, I had nothing scheduled, nothing planned, nowhere to go, nowhere to be. In the midst of a busy season, this was my first weekend like this in about 8 weeks. And it was so good. Sam and I didn’t even go anywhere, we stayed at home (I had cleaned the house from top to bottom the day before so we could just relax and not think about cleaning), made pancakes for breakfast, played tennis, popped popcorn, watched movies in the middle of the day, planned, dreamed, and went to bed early.

I wanted to write about this because the weekend really refreshed me! I knew in the back of my mind that there was still lots of work for me to do…but for a weekend, I tried my hardest not to think about it and focused on being present with my husband instead. The result of having a free weekend meant I came back to my desk on Monday with renewed passion, focus and drive to get things that matter most – done.

It’s so important, especially in the busy seasons of life, to take a break every now and then. To carve out a small amount of time with no pressure, no deadlines, just to surround yourself with the people who matter most to you. I had made peace with it being a weekend for relaxing, so I wouldn’t get much done. But the truth was, because of this break, I had the time to be inspired. I wrote lots, I dreamed, planned and generally was more creative.

Note to self: schedule more weekends like this! xx

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5 things December | Celebrating the everyday


It’s no secret that I love my recipes books. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would have seen a few dishes from here! ‘It’s all Good’ by Gwyneth Paltrow is on the top of my stack at the moment. As well as having deliciously healthy simple meal ideas, the photography, design and even the quality of the page stock in this book makes me want to keep coming back.


Another book! Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown. This book is honestly life changing! Seriously. Brene talks about how vulnerability has the power to transform each aspect of our lives. I see vulnerability and shame in a completely different light after reading this powerful book. “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” Check out Brene’s Ted Talk here.


I’ve generally bought different things from the supermarket from my skin, but have never been completely satisfied with the results. So when I was at the duty free counter (always dangerous!) in the airport a few months ago I invested in some beautiful products from Origin. I love this natural range, it’s so nice to have a proper routine for my skin. Even if it doesn’t always happen…like on those nights where the only thing you can be bothered with is a quick swipe of a face wipe before collapsing into bed, it’s still reassuring to have it there.


Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner. I’ve never used a binder planner before, so it will interesting to see if this gets used frequently. This one will live on my desk, and I’ll still have a little diary for my handbag and of course my Google Calandar on my phone. I love the sections you can customise, and that I can use it to hold everything. I’m used to scribbling down things in random notebooks, so it will be great to have everything in one place. I’m also using Lara Casey’s 2014 Power Sheets in here, which is getting me so excited for 2014.


Love never fails. Print by the amazing Lara Casey. A beautiful reminder that will live on my desk.

What are some things you are loving at the moment? I hope you have some wonderful plans for the weekend! I’m photographing Hilary and Gary’s wedding tomorrow at the beautiful Yering Station, so exciting! I’m also going to New Zealand for Christmas on Sunday, I can’t wait to see my family again! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and that life is sweet for you right now. It’s such a crazy time of year, but I hope you can take a moment to soak all the goodness of the holidays in! xx

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Location Update


In 2011, my husband Sam and I moved from Auckland to Melbourne so he could begin studying for a PHD in Bio Medical Science. Yep, he’s a smart one. I’m not so secretly looking forward to the day where I can introduce him as Dr. Robinson haha. Anyway, he’s finishing his PHD in 2014 and it’s very up in the air whether we will move back to NZ or someplace else…! In light of this, I’ve made a few decisions on where to base myself for the 2014-15 summer.



March – December | Melbourne, Australia



January – April | New Zealand (Auckland based).


For anywhere else, please get in touch via the contact page!

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