Little Lot

Erica from the Little Lot first contacted me in January to see if I was interested in showcasing my photography on the Little Lot. I had no idea what Little Lot was, so after a little bit of poking around on their website I discovered it was essentially a wallpaper app for your mobile device and computer. It refreshes your desktop background and mobile lock screen every day with wallpapers from brands relevant to your profile and interests. The user can choose which charity to donate to when they install Little Lot, and best of all it’s free! And lots of awesome charities like the Auckland City Mission, World Vision and Oxfam benefit just by having the Little Lot installed on your device and computer! At first I thought ‘What an awesome idea’! But I was slightly hesitant because I wasn’t sure if people would want my brides and grooms gracing their screens! Sure wedding images are nice, but slightly weird to have on your computer or iPhone if you don’t know the couple!

After a little bit of thinking, the solution I came up with was to create some designs that wouldn’t be all about the couple photographed – rather it would be a bit anonymous, but still hopefully convey feelings of happiness and love! I also wanted to include an uplifting message that I truly believed in for each wallpaper.

Kate Robinson Photography


Watch this video, it explains Little Lot better than I ever can!



Click here to download the Little Lot to your computer or mobile device. It only takes a little to do a LOT! Thank you Little Lot for inviting me to be part of this awesome mission! xx

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Advice I’d give my 20 year old self


On Saturday I turn 28! I’m pretty excited about it. Even though I’m inching my way out of my 20′s and onto my 30′s, it’s exhilarating to think of the new chapter ahead. New adventures, life lessons, friendships await. I tend to be a future thinker and I’ve been contemplating what I want to accomplish before I turn 30, but I think with any significant (or non-significant) milestone, it’s important to have perspective. To look at where you have come, rejoice in the things you have accomplished while thinking of future goals and aspirations.

So while it’s easier for me to dream up my goals and aspirations for the future, today I want to focus on 5 things I have learned so far in my twenties.


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The Workshop Experience | Katelyn James

The workshop experience, Australia, Katelyn James

This past weekend Sam and I drove to Adelaide so I could attend Katelyn Jameswedding photography workshop! When I first heard that Katelyn was coming to Australia, it was a no-brainer to attend her 2 day workshop. I’ve been following her blog for over 4 years! I’ve always admired Katelyn’s dedication to her business and the amount of passion she brings to everything she does. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to meet her and learn from this gorgeous redhead!


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