Do you need to go to University to be a photographer?


I believe the short answer is no.

I studied Graphic Design at University, it was only in my last year that I swapped my elective from Advertising to Photography. To be completely honest, I didn’t learn much in that photography class. This was in 2007, so digital cameras were around, but not as accessible as today. We spent a lot of time on thinking about concepts for photography projects, and not much time on the practical aspects of how to actually use your camera, or how to make a living in photography.


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Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding?

Ruth Pretty Catering Wellington, Kate Robinson Photography, Lavender field, Unplugged Wedding

I photographed Jono & Jenny’s beautiful wedding (pictured above) in January last year. Jono is a wonderfully talented film maker based in Wellington, check out his beautiful work here. I felt honoured they chose me to photograph their wedding, and it was truly a wonderful, memorable day.

Jono & Jenny chose to have an ‘un-plugged’ wedding ceremony.

At the bottom of the order of service, they respectfully asked guests to turn off their cameras, and mute their cellphones. The celebrant also reminded guests of this, just before the ceremony began. Afterwards, I overheard a few guests saying they wondered why they were asked not to take photographs.


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Essentials For Working From Home: Part 4

working from home essentials, kate robinson photography. blog

Do you ever get distracted during your work day? Do you sometimes get confused on what you should be working on, and what should have top priority?

I do. I think the distractions are amplified if you work from home!

I created this little blog series because a few months ago I felt stuck, I questioned what I was doing, I wondered if I was being indulgent working from home in the more quiet times of my business, and I didn’t have a work routine I was proud of.

Since implementing these ‘essentials’ I have shared (my non-negotiable’s), I have felt more at peace, more fulfilled at the end of the day, and I have a renewed passion for working from home!

This is the last post in my mini blog series ‘Essentials for working from home’. I think this is one of the most important! As you can tell from the above photograph, I have a planner open right next to me beside my keyboard. I can see my whole week at a glance. I also have my ‘ideal day’ mapped out which I have washi taped to the inside of the open binder. I’ve blogged about my ideal day here.

At the beginning of the week, I write down all the things I want to accomplish on the left side, each morning I will plan my day based on the list I wrote at the start of the week. I also use Google Calendar which I love for working remotely, and rely it on day to day, but having a planner open in front of me at all times, helps me stick to my schedule!

The planner I use is by Emily Ley which I love. I mainly use the diary section, but also have sections for blogging, my power sheets from Lara Casey, and also a notepad at the back from Emily, appropriately named ‘Brain Dump’.

When you work from home, you’re your own boss and it’s easy to become distracted, then slip into bad habits. It takes self motivation, commitment and discipline to work from home successfully.

I’m still very much on the journey, but what I have shared over the past few weeks have really helped me stay on track, curb loneliness and maintain my love of what I do. I believe that anyone can change their habits, be successful and make a living from home if they really want to! I hope this series has inspired you in some small way if you work from home!

Click to read: Part One: Gym | Part Two: Simple Pleasures | Part Three: Podcasts & Spotify

Is there something else I haven’t talked about that helps you stay on track when you’re working from home? I’d love to hear from you! I hope you’ve enjoyed little series xx

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