East Coast USA Trip!

My sister Esther, who is currently living in London, and my other sister Lydia, who lives in Auckland, met Sam and I in America last month! We started our East Coast adventure in Boston, then travelled to NYC where we stayed for a week, then Sam flew back to Salt Lake City and the sister road trip began! (#kateeslydusa15) We hired a car in NYC, drove down the coast, staying in Philidelphia, Annapolis, and ending in Washington DC. The East Coast is so different from anywhere in the US I have been, I LOVED being near the ocean again (but don’t get me started on the humidity)! It was INCREDIBLE to explore New York especially, a city I have wanted to visit for so long.

I know looking at other people’s holiday photos can be annoying/boring, but I love posting our adventures on here to make a record, a kind of online scrapbook. I love the idea of being able to look back on these photos! Speaking of making records, I definitely need to get our personal photographs off the computer and into photo books…!

I hope you enjoy our travel pics of our fun adventure, I hope it inspires you to have a change of scenery wherever you might be in the world. Cue the copious amounts of food photos! xx

BOSTON // we started our first day with some good old fashioned American breakfast, including free coffee refills to set us up for the first day of exploring this city. EastCoast-NewYork_0001


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Honestly, I can’t believe we’ve been married 7 years! It sounds like a long time to me, but it hasn’t felt like it. But then, I can’t really remember what life was like without Sam. We’ve been together 10 years now!

Of course there have been times of trial and struggle, as I think every healthy relationship will go through. In many ways, Sam and I have grown up together and thankfully we’ve grown closer as a couple over the years. We don’t have a perfect relationship, and we don’t have it all figured out, but we’ve learnt a few things over 7 years of being married.

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