Planted with Light Shoot | Fiona + Carl

I’m so excited to share the shoot from Planted with Light that happened on Monday! Fiona and Carl had never done anything like this before, but as you’re about to see, they were beyond amazing! Completely cute and gorgeous together, making it so easy for us to photograph them. Thank you both SO much for giving up your time to help me out, I hope you love your photos!

Thank you to Elizabeth from A La Robe for letting us borrow a beautiful dress for Fiona to wear. Hannah, for making Fi look extra beautiful with your skills in hair and makeup. Huge thank you to Casey from The Heirloom and Jess from Honeysuckle Rose, for creating a gorgeous bouquet, styling an incredible table, and so many other pretty bits and pieces. There were no shortage of gorgeous things to photograph! You girls brought the whole shoot together, I’m so grateful for you both! Now on to the photos, I hope you enjoy! xx

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How To Get Your Camera-Shy Man Into Your Photos.

You would think being a photographer, I would have the ability to coerce my husband into my pictures. Truth be told, I think he might be one of my hardest subjects! Not because he can’t take a good photo – he just doesn’t like to be in them!!

I love documenting everyday life on my iPhone. I suspect there are many girls who see iPhone/instagram photos of other couples and think ‘why can’t we just have a few nice photos together?!’ I know that whenever I instagram a photo of Sam and I together, it took (at least) 5 tries. There’s lots of ‘pleeeease’, ‘just one more I promise’, plus a lot of sneaky selfies where he ‘just happened’ to be in the background… before we eventually get the shot. Here are some sneaky techniques to get some smiles… good luck!

Get your Mum to tickle him. Always works.

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Behind The Scenes Of Planted With Light 2014

I hosted my wedding photography workshop, Planted with Light in NZ at my parents yesterday! This is the third year I’ve done the workshop, we had such an amazing day. Before my workshops, I always get so nervous…mainly about the speaking, as it doesn’t come completely naturally for me. But, like every other year, when I’m talking about a topic I am so passionate about, I really enjoy myself, and my nerves fade away.

I was so blessed to have the help of so many amazing people yesterday, without their help I doubt the workshop would happen! I need to firstly thank my parents, who so generously opened their home. Mum and my sister Lydia made all of the food, and every year they get asked for recipes! Needless to say, it was delicious. Lydia also took all of these behind the scenes photos, and did many other things to help me make the workshop a success.

Casey from The Heirloom generously gave up her day to style a gorgeous table and other bits and pieces of beauty for us to photograph. The talented Jess from Honeysuckle Rose created the incredible florals. These girls were amazing! If you want a chilled out stylist and florist for your wedding, who are also ridiculously talented…look no further! Carl and Fiona generously also gave up their time to model for us, they were such naturals, and SO cute together.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to thank each of the 15 workshop attendees who came to Planted with Light, believed in me and ultimately made the day what it was. I can’t thank you all enough, love you all!! xxx

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