Allely Estate Wedding Auckland | Erena & Opetaia


Happy Valentines Day! I’m excited to share this beautiful wedding today. Opetaia and Erena first met at the University of Auckland Gym on the cross trainer! My husband Sam was a good friend of Opetaia’s at University a few years ago now!

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Goodbye America, It’s Been Fun.


Wow. So much has happened since we arrived in the States almost 2 years ago!

When we arrived in Salt Lake City in April 2015, we knew absolutely no one, we didn’t have a car (truthfully, I was pretty terrified to drive on the other side of the road), and I was approximately 13 weeks pregnant! Fun times.

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5 Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know (But May Not Tell You!)

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I feel so honoured to be invited to every wedding I’m privileged to photograph. Having shot hundreds of beautiful days around the world for over 8 years now, I’ve seen and witnessed a few things! Of course, every wedding and every couple is so different, but the following 5 things I feel make every wedding more relaxed, exciting, and heartfelt.

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